Painting is, for me, a visualized record of personal times and spaces representing scenes among many still shots that are scattered in my conscious and subconscious realms. Sometimes, these visual journals portray simple landscapes and landscape-like images in different seasons. Sometimes, they represent abstract images, including the status of my mind in moments that I encounter in dreams and daydreams and while experiencing happiness and unfulfilled desire.

       I often simplify or stylize subject matters, representational or abstract. Occasionally used objects such as human hair, dried flower petals and textured paper provide a sense of permanence through fossilization on my pictorial surface. Some writings and dates are composed with the visual elements. Korean (my native language) and English (my adopted language) are occasionally presented in simple forms: few words, short sentences, or fragments of sentences. Dates appearingg on the paintings mark birthdays and commemorative days throughout my past and present.



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